What a great night at the Hollywood IMPROV. What a great month for Kevin Shea and all of the LAFFEST community. Although Kevin was the community choice for top honors and accolades, over 100 working comedians received thousands of views and NEW FANS. Grow your network, grow your audience, PROMOTE YOURSELF at


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LAFFEST Interview: Comedian Kevin Shea (March Showcase Award Recipient)


On March 23rd, Comedian Kevin Shea (@kevinsheacomedy) was awarded the Month’s $1,000 Showcase Bonus at The LAFFEST Awards Comedy Show for drawing the top clip views and ratings on Here’s what the 24/7 funny comic had to say about his strong showing:

LAFFEST: Congratulations, how does it feel to take home the big award?

Kevin: I feel like a million bucks….scratch that, a $1000 bucks.

LAFFEST: This was your second time in a row in the Top 6, how did you get your fans to watch and rate your stand-up clip to put you over the top this time?

Kevin: They got sick of me bugging them so they probably said to themselves we gotta get him to win or he’ll keep harassing us.LAFFEST: What do you plan to do with the $1,000 Award?Kevin: Straight Rent Homie.

LAFFEST: Finish this sentence: I knew I wanted to be a comedian when…

Kevin: …I couldn’t rap or dunk a basketball.

LAFFEST: We see big things for you in the future, what are you most excited about?

Kevin: Working on an Hour Special.

LAFFEST: Thank you and congratulations again from all of us at LAFFEST, any final thoughts?

Kevin: I really wish that I had gotten a giant sized check, I would have loved to see the look on the teller’s face.

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